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<p>For parents who homeschool</p> <p>(or would like to)</p> <p>and who have Adult ADD/ADHD</p> <p>(or think they might).</p>
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  2. Yes. I’m replying in part just because I wish this group got more action! you probably should post on chat or general where more people will see it is hard to know when to change and when not it is also hard to homeschool a child who doesn’t like school Though homeschooling can be made less “school “ like. how old is your child?
  3. I find that I constantly want to switch curriculum either because I'm bored with it or because my DS starts complaining more that usual when it is time to work on it. This is my first full year of homeschooling so I'm not sure if the curriculum is just a bad choice (so I should keep looking for something better) or if I just need stop getting distracted by the shiny new thing, calm down, and stick with something for a while. My DS doesn't really like anything we are doing, but there are things that he complains about less than others. He is anti-school, in general. So far this year, only math has been a constant. Anyone else have this issue? How do you deal with it?
  4. Ah, thank you. I don't see any messages in it, so that's why I asked.
  5. I think since it’s a public group, there’s no need to join
  6. Hello, Trying to figure this out. I do not see a "join" button on this group when I look at it in the list of clubs. Thank you.
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