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Besides Analytical Grammar, what are the secular users using for the rest of the high school years? I am looking for other options than Stewart English. Or alternately, use AG for 11/12, but then what for 9/10? Reverse SWB's suggestion and use Stewart first? Stewart is rated as being for 7-12 graders, thus my quanandrum.

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I know it is supposed to be for middle schoolers, but it is quite rigorous, IMO. My 7th grader is using Hake 7 and learning things I know I didn't learn until 11th or 12th grade. I've had to slow things way down for him, and spread one lesson out over three days.


Here's a thread about this.

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I've started to use Warriner's Grammar and Composition. It is an old fashion secular grammar book and I love it. The set-up is something like the R&S books and some of the exercises are dated; however, I like the format. The book series are set up in courses - 1st course (7th grade), 2nd course (8th grade), and so on. The Complete course is 12th grade and the combination of all the courses. You can find the used books on Amazon.

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