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Combining CW Aesop with another spelling program? (All About Spelling)

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Dear Friends,


I finally have read through the CW Aesop instruction book, and I am excited about implementing it next fall. I have a question -- I use AAS and am thrilled with it, as my ds had a terrible time with spelling until we began this program.


How do you combine a spelling program with CW Aesop? I am trying to cut BACK on the number of items on our list (a la LCC). The Imitation and Analysis segment seems so important, though, that I don't want to skip it altogether.


Oh, my ds is 10 and my dd will be 8. I hope to do CW A with both.


Any ideas or encouragement would be appreciated.




Sandy in CO

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We use both CW Aesop and AAS. For the spelling part of the A&I, well, we don't do it as planned. We've been doing a vocabulary-synonym type study instead. She chooses words that are either unfamiliar, to look up in the dictionary, and/or words to find synonyms for to use in her version. We do the AAS as a separate lesson, as she's not exactly a natural speller and needs the spelling rules done more methodically. It's been working out nicely for us timewise since she would be looking for those synonyms anyways when she got to the writing project.

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The reason why I like CW is because of the mastery mindset it has, except one thing. The spelling it includes is not a mastery based system, but more of a review. :001_huh:


Thus with Aesop I had my dd do the dictionary work, but we skipped the spelling portion in favor of doing SWR (and we started SWR because it was recommended in CW).


Now in Homer she is experienced enough with SWR to do the analysis of words on her own, so she writes that out and I check it with her other work.


In Jan. I moved over to AAS, because it works better for my younger kids and the older two thought it looked like a fun change of pace. We do both on their own schedules and don't try to combine them at all.






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