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wood working activities for kids

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My dad would like to do a project with the boys this fall. The boys are 8, 6, and 4. He is a fairly talented wood worker. We figure he can do the actual cutting, drilling, etc... while the boys watch and learn the tools and then they can do some sanding, hammering, gluing, etc...


Not being a woodworker myself I could use some help coming up with possible ideas that wouldn't be too complicated and allow my boys to do part of the work. So far I've come up with bookends or a Jacob's ladder as possible ideas. Any others?


Thanks, Brownie

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I remember making swords and shields with my brothers out of my stepdad's scrap wood. It was pretty easy, and we had fun painting them too. Or what about a "treasure chest" for each of them to keep their special stuff in? A box is easy enough, especially if all the pieces are already measured & cut, and my dc love to have places to stash their latest collections.

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