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Input Please! Might be moving to Georgia?!

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My hubby and I are in the process of researching less expensive places to live and are seriously considering moving. We currently live in New Jersey and homeschool our boys. I love homeschooling in NJ because it is hassle free and we are a part of some incredible co-ops (one fine arts centered and one academic). Financially it has become increasingly difficult to live in this state! (especially with such a "large" family--we have 5 dc). We have homeschooled for 2 years now and follow a classical education. We are considering moving to Georgia since we have some family there--possibly Athens or Atlanta. Can anyone provide advice/input on what it is like to homeschool in Georgia (I've read up on the legal stuff at HSLDA) in those areas? Are there co-ops? support groups?


Please forgive me if these are basic questions--still new to homeschooling and loving it.


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I think it's very easy to homeschool in GA. Yes, we have a few forms and tests, but really they are not a big deal at all. There are a number of groups in the metro Atlanta area, both faith based and inclusive. Lots of natural & historical areas for field trips, and an overall homeschooling friendly atmosphere.



Here is a great list of groups & resources for GA.




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