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Hey, Janna. How'd that cake turn out? Are you sharing? ;) nt

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Dh and dd are at a Bible study right now (which is why ds and I made the cake - special time for mom and son). They are due home any minute. After dd gets to bed, dh and I will dig in and try it, making the kids wait until tomorrow! :)


You're so sweet to ask though! Oh, and fwiw, the batter tasted fine! ;)

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How fun that you share your time together (mom and son, dad and daughter) Have you alway done that?



Well, kind of. Dh and dd have been doing this Bible study for 3 years or so now which has left those evenings for just ds and I. Now that he is older (a whopping 6yo, LOL), our time together seems much more...hmmm...how can I say this? Meaningful? Productive? Not that it wasn't those things before, but he was so little that I don't think he really cared one way or the other. Now there is meaning on both ends. I'm sure I'm not saying this right, but I know you know what I'm trying to say.


However, dh and I have been talking lately about how when the new baby arrives, we will need to make a scheduled plan to take each of the kids individually. Dh and dd go on a "date" one week, while ds and I do something and then the next time we switch. I don't know how often we will do it - probably weekly is too often. But it's something we need to make a priority. I'm glad dh and I are both in agreement on that. Oh, and this fall, ds will be old enough to join in on the Bible study dd and dh attend (starts 1st grade for kids), so I will have that night to be alone with the baby. It's kinda funny because I have been looking forward to having that evening by myself since I never get a night to myself at home, and now that still won't be happening. But it's OK. I will probably very much enjoy my time alone with the baby, and by then the baby will be down at such an early bedtime (hopefully), that I'll still have time to myself before the rest of the family gets home.


Wow, that was a very winded reply to a simple question. Apparently I'm feeling talkative! Thanks for reading if you got this far, and I don't blame you if you rolled your eyes and moved on, LOL! :)

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Oh, by the way, dh and I tried the cake tonight. It turned out fabulously! Couldn't taste a difference in the least!


Now what to do with the rest of the cake? I only wanted it for a single piece, LOL. Now I've got a ton of cake left and hips/thighs that don't need it! :)

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