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Anyone use QuarterMile Math?


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We use QMM and have for years. I think you can create files for as many users as you want.


The thing about QMM is that it's not really a "game." It's math drill. Computerized math drill, but still just math drill. If you're looking for something your kids are going to think is "fun" and beg to do, QMM probably isn't it. If you're looking for a quick way to drill specific facts without printing out/grading a bunch of worksheets or buying workbooks, QMM is a great program.


The other possible down-side to QMM is that it's tied to a computer. If you want something portable or something that won't tie up a computer, you might prefer a hand-held like MathShark or FlashMaster, which the kids can do in the car or at big brother's basketball practice or whatever.


Some kids have problems with QMM, I think, because timed drills in general freak them out. We've never had an issue with this, but if you have a child you know is panicked by timed drills, QMM might not be a good fit.


We use QMM in addition to pencil and paper drill, just to give the kids extra practice with facts. They can do a lot more problems in a lot less time using QMM, which I like. They don't love it and beg to do it, but they don't seem to hate it either.


Hope something here helps you in your decision :)



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IMO, it's not fun except for children who are already good at math. As someone else mentioned, it really is math drill. We used it when dd was 10yo and was not solid on her math facts. It was effective for us, but only I think because I sat down with my dd and did the keyboarding for her. Drill is deadly in large quantities, so I set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes. Keyboarding for my dd allowed us to pack in many more facts in 10 minutes than if my dd had had to keyboard for herself. Also, having a warm body next to her participating helped keep her interest levels up. It took us 4 months of daily QMM to get dd solid on all of the facts, plus she had to use it twice a week herself for a year after that to keep from "losing" facts. After that, she was solid and maintained all of her math fact knowledge.

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