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Any comments about this for history?

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DS 16 and a sophomore this year, started out wanting American Military History (which i put together), but hasn't gotten past the Revolutionary War! He just keeps on reading about it. I figured it was "good enough" for Early American History, and I willcall it something like Rev. War in Depth. for his transcript.


What I'm wanting comments about is that he still is very interested in Military History and wants to study the WWs next year. Do you think this is just too narrow of a coverage of history for 2 years?




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can you have him just read through a US History text? That could be your spine. Then he can do his additional reading on wars to his hearts content.


I have American History: A Survey by Alan Brinkley that is a pretty good read (for a textbook). I got lucky and found a hardcover combined volume on eBay for $25.


It's great that he does have an interest in really digging deep though. I'd pick something that covers the basics and leaves him time for that.



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If he is really interested in military history I would recommend the West Point Military History series. It's available at Amazon. My dh's favorite history prof up at USMA originally did this series. It is wonderful and I would recommend getting the maps along with it. There are 2 volumes and 2 map books for World War II, and I think there is one volume and one map book for WWI. There are also volumes for the Civil War and others. These books cover not only just the military history but also the political history and I think they would make wonderful spines.




Hope that helps,



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