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I need a really fun way to improve visual memory...

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Unfortunately I don't have any idea how fun it is.


A card game that works memory I always enjoyed growing up was Concentration. Playing it with more than 2 people would make it more fun. Bridge, or a similar complex card game, might also be good because you have to remember what cards have been played.


I just remembered, isn't there a Nitendo game called Brain Challenge? Surely that would have a memory component.


I'll keep thinking for other ideas.

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My son uses Flash Focus on the Nintendo DS. It has visual memory games in it along with other things too. He plays it about 5-8 minutes every day.


We also have Brain Academy (on the WII - it also comes on Nintendo DS) and it has visual memory games. I think the games are more fun on Brain Academy but more challenging on Flash Focus.


The Nintendo DS does have a good selection of other educational games - Word Coach (Vocabulary) is one.

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This child isn't interested in chess, unfortunately. I think, also, that it isn't recognition practice that he needs but memory practice. I'm thinking two sets of tanagrams might be more helpful. One person builds something, shows the other, and then covers it, and then the other tries to build the same pattern from memory. Or draw it. Or something. I am now very much regretting not doing the "picture study" with him when he was little. At the time, I thought it was about building observation, something we did constantly by watching nature, so I wasn't too interested in it. I completely missed the memory building bit.


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On Flash Focus you take a beginning assestment and then it determines a daily schedule of games for you to do - they are all challenging and even if your son doesn't have problems in the other areas I think all the games provide enough challenge he definitely won't get bored with the daily schedule which only takes 5-8 minutes. You can also select specific games to play without doing the daily schedule.


On Brain Academy you can pick specific games or it will bring up a random selection of games. There is also a beginning assestment on Brain Academy.

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