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Vocabulary for Achievement...what does a week look like?

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My son started these books in the middle of 8th grade, but since vocabulary isn't his strong point, I started him in the lowest level (intended for 7th grade, I think.) So we're going through quickly to try and get caught up.


I try to go through each lesson in 4 days.

Day 1: Read the into, write the words, and do Ex. 1;

Day 2: Ex. 2 & 3

Day 3: Ex. 4

Day 4: Reading Comprehension and sometimes what's at the end (usually only if it's analogies, not the writing assignments.)


If you wanted to do the writing assignment, you could perhaps do something similar to what I have above, and do the writing assignment on Day 5.



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Thank you for your input. When you say that you have him write the words on day 1, what is it that you have him do? Thank you for your help. I just need a little guidance.




Well, I should tell you that I have older versions of the books which I get inexpensively from Follett, so it's possible that yours are laid out differently.


But, on the first page of each lesson next to the word definition, there's a blank line, so he just writes the words there when he reads the definitions.



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