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Summer co-op ideas?


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We may offer a summer co-op for local hs here in my neck of the woods.

We're thinking of doing it "camp style"- either one whole week, 5x half days (3 hours in the morning) or 2 weeks of 4 days/week (2x Mon- Thurs), again that's only half days. This would be for all ages- not necessarily together :D


What would you offer? It could be academic or non-academic, around one theme (unit study of some sort) or different subjects to choose from, a play.... the sky is the limit.


Any and all ideas are appreciated :).

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I hope you get a lot of great responses! I am thinking of the same thing so I'll just tell you what I'm thinking and it may give you an idea for your own. I really need to flesh out my ideas so I hope you get more responses to help me as well!


This yr we're studying the Middle Ages (okay, sidebar: it has been magnificent!) and next year we're studying American History really in depth. I would like to cover The Age of Exploration over the summer but I don't really want to do our typical school thing. So, what I'm thinking is to read our way through the age of exploration. I would like to do a week each in May, June, July, and August. Before the week, I will assign a book or biography that the entire group will read PLUS each kid will be responsible to read something on her own to share with the group. The week of the "camp" we'll do a series of activities related to the books we read. Also, there will be plenty of just play outside and water play, et c.


As for specifics, I don't have it worked out yet but I'm cogitating, as they say.


I hope to get lots of inspiration from the other posts you get!;)

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