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The Art of Problem Solving

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I am looking for some feedback on this program. I have a gifted math student and I want something challenging for him. He is in the 8th grade and is finishing up TT Algebra II with ease. How do you decide what to start with? Also if you have used another program that you have liked, please fill me in.


Lora in NC

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when he was in 7th/8th grades (while living in NC - a great math state! haha). He is also a mathie. At that time there was only there AoPS 1 and 2 and they have since come out with more books ... Algebra, Geometry etc.. I highly recommend it. Have you looked at the Art of Problem Solving website? I think that they give advice on a sequence.


What particularly are you interested in knowing?

Susie (now in TN but still missing Charlotte, NC)

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The Art of Problem Solving has wonderful books for bright math students. The texts are designed to be self-teaching. Each lesson leads the student step-by-step through the concept by having the student think through and solve problems. The explanations are very good, at least in the geometry book (the only one we have completed so far), although the student may have to read through the proofs a few times to get the hang of it. Then the student practices with problems of varying degrees of complexity. My older son completed the geometry text as a 10th grader last year; this year he took the PSAT in October and didn't miss any geometry problems.

My younger son, like yours, finished Teaching Textbooks Alg 2 in 8th grade. After a semester of virtually no math, he is starting AoPS Geometry and enjoying it. When he is done with it (sometime this Summer) we will start reviewing Algebra with AoPS Intro to Alg to see what he remembers and then we will continue into AoPS Intermedite Algebra for 10th grade.

These texts really make the student (and parent) think hard about math - perfect for a student who wants or needs more than just the steps on how to handle a certain type of problem.

AoPS has a free (at leat I think it is free!) forum, and the company also offers on-line courses (prices are not cheap). Whenever I have had a question about the books, I have found the authors to be accessible and very helpful.

Hope this helps!


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