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Anyone in Romania?

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Hello. I am considering moving to Romania. I home school in the US. The laws is strange there as in it's basically public or private schooling at a physical location, however it also says in the constitution that parents have the freedom to educate according to their religious beliefs, but if one asks the government they will say that home schooling is not recognized, only private schooling, so it seems to be that if you believe as a Christian to school at home, you must put them in a an actual school, but there aren't many, so it's a big issue for those who wish to home school according to their beliefs. Wondering if anyone lives in ROmania and you can give guidance on what to do. I don't want any private school. I just wish to continue the curriculum we use at home. Thanks.



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If google translate, translated the link well. Then it is in Romania, like in several other European countries: you have to pass the national or regional tests to be able to keep homeschooling. That takes a lot of hoop-jumping to pass those exams. Those tests are not general easy knowledge tests. But very specific in what to learn and what to know. Those tests are (obviously) also in the language of the country or region. One can’t take them in English.

If your current curriculum fits the Romanian test standards, and your child is fluent in both English and Romanion, then it might work (we have used curriculum from USA and UK to pass Flemish exams, having Dutch as native language) 

If you want to use an USA orientated curriculum, in English, with no adaptions or  Romanian supplements, I doubt it will work, and it might be a better idea to continue homeschooling in the USA, if the use of that particular curriculum is that important for your family.

Wishing you all the best for you and your family.

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