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Apples & Pears Spelling from Sound Foundations Review


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I strongly believe in systematic phonics for teaching kids to read. We used Recipe for Reading (basically OG explode the code) and then Fast Track from Sound Foundations to really gain fluency. It’s full of tedious fluency pages, but has british-humor decodable stories every few pages.

I briefly tried Reading Lessons Through Literature (which is like scripted SWR). I wasted a lot of time imaging buying AAS. I felt like I needed to do an intense, spelling rules based program. But in the end we tried Apple and Pears A based on @8filltheheart’s old comments here.

We took it slow at the beginning, but now a year and a half later my daughter finished the last regular lesson, and she did all 9 parts in one sitting voluntarily. Attached is an example of the dictation she can handle. Just wanted to come and say, this lots of dictation with lots of spiraling review works great. My daughter loves to write things in her everyday life, and this program has given her the skill to do it.


I don’t think the spelling rules don’t have value, and I would love to buy a set of flashcards or jingles in CD to incorporate them. Any suggestions for a stand alone of that?

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