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Box Cars & One Eyed Jack's?


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I'm trying to supplement our LOF journey with games to really reinforce concepts and I came across this company. Does anyone have any experience with them? Which books are your favorites? Anything you could tell me would be great because theres not a whole lot of information on their website. Thank you!

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29 minutes ago, parent said:

Here is a YouTube channel with some game demos


Thank you! I'd seen the videos but I was trying to get a better feel of some of the other books that I see on their website. We have the RightStart game book but my kids absolutely hate those games but we've played a few of the Box Cars games I found online and they liked those so I was trying to figure out if the books were worth it. I wish they would give more info on the site. There's even a literacy one that I wonder if I could pair with our reading and spelling programs but I'm scared to order and it's a whole bunch of games to memorize site words or something.

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