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Math advice? 6th and 7th grade


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I just started teaching a small class of 6th and 7th graders (4 kids total.) The classroom I inherited is workbooks and worksheets only. The school hasn't supplied any sort of textbooks or teacher's manuals, though it's possible I could have them order a new curriculum for them. (but what? saxon? AOPS? should I just get them set up with Khan Academy? But limited # of computers is a problem here too. My kid is only in 4th grade, so I haven't researched math curricula this far yet. The kids are coming from Singapore Math, I think, but were never given the Singapore-style instruction and were only given the workbooks to complete.)

The kids seem to be able to do the math and are maybe even a bit ahead, but struggling a bit conceptually. Most, if not all, of them 'dislike' math. I chalk that up to lacking number sense/conceptual base. They've already worked through most of their workbooks, but the previous sub for the class said that even though they can usually solve the problems they are given, they don't really understand why.

I want to start them on placement tests, just so I can get an idea of what they understand and what they struggle with (recommendations?)


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1 minute ago, Kiara.I said:

Good heavens, that sounds like a disaster.

I don't know what you'd use for placement tests. CLE?

What about Rightstart's tutoring materials and card games for remedial work?

How long will you have this class for and what are they supposed to move to afterward?

Right now I'm long-term subbing (a month or two) with the possibility of finishing out the school year (end of may) They want the kids to stay as close to grade level(doubt there would be any complaint if they advanced, of course) as possible and not have homework if at all possible. Probably not possible with these older ages.



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