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Classical Astronomy

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For those who may be interested, Wes Callihan at Schola Tutorials is offering a one-semester course in Classical Astronomy. From his description: 

"This is naked-eye, everyman, observational, literary, and historical astronomy. Its aim is knowledge of the night sky and how that knowledge has influenced Old Western Culture (to use C. S. Lewis's phrase). It is not modern scientific astronomy, as valuable as that is. Students should later take advantage of the many good classes available live and online both, that cover the modern science of astronomy - one Schola Astronomy alumna has gone on to become an astrophysicist (a comet expert at NASA's Huntsville, Alabama, facility). But many become literature teachers who have applied the knowledge of the heavens to helping students understand Vergil, Dante, and Milton. And most have or will become homeschool moms and dads who want to tell their children what those things in the night sky are that you see when out camping, and connect their children to scores of generations that have loved the stars because they got to know their names and stories. The real point of this course is to learn to find your way comfortably around the night sky and connect that knowledge with history and literature from Homer to C. S. Lewis."

Here's a link to the webpage:  http://www.scholatutorials.org/astronomy.htm

We have not yet taken this particular course, so I cannot provide any class-specific feedback. My daughter, however, is in her third year of Mr. Callihan’s Great Books tutorials. Mr. Callihan is an AMAZING lecturer; he has such passion for our literary and culture history, and he makes any subject on which he speaks come alive. I highly recommend his classes.


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36 minutes ago, Æthelthryth the Texan said:

Okay, looks like we are too! I'm emailing Wes now. This kid is going to end up with the heaviest humanities transcript of all time, LOL. 


😄 I feel you. My child's transcript is Math, Language, and Literature. With some odds and ends thrown in.

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