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WAH Probability/GameTheory/AP Stats?

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DS16 is finishing up AoPS Intermediate Alg and I think that's the end of the line in this series for him.  He can do it (mostly...the back 4-6 chapters of that book are _hard_) but he really dislikes it and I don't see a lot of reason for him to invest this much time and angst in continuing on like this.  He's currently thinking about a musical theater career and the backup would be something in the social sciences (he LOVED Dr Richman's Macro Econ class).  Probability, Statistics and Game Theory are all interesting to him, so I thought maybe we'd look there next.

He's got 2 years of HS left.  I'd like to see him end with AP Stats.  We've got 2 years to get there.  I'd like to take the whole 2 years so we're slowing down on math a bit, but still feel confident in claiming math credits for both Jr and Sr year.  He'll have 3-4 online AP classes each year already + English at a JC, so I think for schedule flexibility this needs to be taught by me.

SO, looking for pointers to:

1) WAH AP Stats sources that people have used.

2) good resources on Game Theory - basics & theory, as applied in Economics, and as applied in card games or similar (he's really into a CCG).

3) Probability & Counting.  We've got the AoPS books.  Anyone have a pointer to something a bit more 'fun'?







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