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The Story of Science (what time periods?)

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Can someone tell me more specifically what time periods each of the three volumes of "The Story of Science" covers?  (Aproximate dates or eras).   Thanks!

Also, do you need to do the three books in order, or could you start at say, the second book, without problem?

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I'm afraid i can't recall exactly what time periods each book covers.   I believe the first one starts with very early recorded history until about 1500?  I'm not sure with the 2nd and 3rd books.  I'm sure you could read them out of order, or start in the middle, if you had to.  It's a very interesting read, but you probably wouldn't have to know the information in the first in order to read the second.  

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Book 1: Ancient Sumeria - Age of Exploration (1500's)

Book 2: 1453 (Copernicus) - Atoms (late 19th century)

Book 3: Late 19th Century - Present

There is a little bit of chronological overlap between the books as the author tries to move through scientific discoveries in a logical way, but overall they are mostly chronological. We did the books in order (paired with K12 Human Odyssey 1-3), but you could start with any book. The third book is focused on many modern-day physics discoveries, so it's a little more difficult to read & understand. I would wait on that one until 7th or 8th grade unless your child has a passion for physics.

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