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What's with the ads?


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Has anyone used the new Audiblox?

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I just saw that they had updated the program. Claire used to recommend it for younger kids, but it now says for "all ages." Just wondering if anyone has tried it lately.

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I also saw that they have a computer version called Compublox. I emailed Homeschool Buyers co-op and asked them to check into a group buy. If others might be interested, it would be a way to try the new stuff (either manipulative or computer style) for a cheaper price.

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Hi. I have been in contact with the US distributor over the past few days. I bought a used set on ebay, not knowing that is against copyright. So just FYI, buy new as there are copyright notices on every resource in the kit that it is not to be passed on in any form (gifted, sold, etc). Argh.


Anyway, I think the reason it is marketed for all ages is that because of the plasticity of the brain people of any age, including those without learning disabilities, can benefit from the program. It exercises your brain and improves performance in many areas.


Just looking at the website, it looks like they have added several new exercises. I know the book that used to be included, The Right to Read, is no longer included and is out of print.


I asked the distributor if there is a discount for homeschoolers, and she said there is not. She indicated that the price is very reasonable for what you get and is MUCH cheaper than other therapies and programs and can be used for a long time. I know I was going through a neurodevelopmentalist and already spent $1500 in less than a year.


The Compublox is a supplement and should not be used on its own. It used to be included, but I don't know if that has been upgraded.



Allison in TX

Mommy to 3 blessings

ds 9, dd 5, ds 3

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Thanks for the info.

Re:my comment about Homeschool Buyers Co-op. The way they work is they represent a group of over 30,000 homeschoolers. Like Walmart, because they "buy in bulk" they have often been able to arrange deals for specific items given a certain number of buyers. For instance, Brainware Safari does not have a special discount for homeschoolers; however, Brainware Safari purchased through Homeschool Buyers' Coop is $49 compared to $349 retail. It's because of the bulk buy. Any member of the buying co-op can ask the co-op to see if a particular seller would be willing to reduce their price based on a large number of purchases. At this point, I've simply made a request to the co-op. If other people make the request as well, it's more likely that they will open negotiations. It's then up to the seller to determine if they want to do that.

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