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Mobile Issue

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I usually read the forums on my android phone. After the changeover all was good. However, in the last two or three weeks the formatting has gotten a bit wonky. The banner ad for SoTW at the top of every page is at least twice as wide as my mobile screen (all the posts fit on screen just fine). The same is true of the notification pop-ups at the bottom about who has "reacted to" or "quoted your post"

On a related note, If I get a notification I tap the three bar icon at the top right and the screen grays out, then I have to scroll to the right to press the bell icon, then scroll back to the left to see what the notification is. Essentially I think this is also sized incorrectly for mobile use.

Perhaps coincidentally, everything with this problem has a black background.

I hope there is just a box somewhere that needs to be checked to fix those things...

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