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Language Arts in Dutch

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Does anyone here have experience with homeschooling Dutch, particularly language arts?


I have two bilingual boys who will be transitioning from an English school to a Dutch school. Reading in Dutch is at least a year above grade level; writing and spelling are well behind. I'd like to shore up the spelling and writing before the school transition.


Anyone have resources or experience?

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I doubt writing is behind, as Dutch school don’t do much writing at those ages.

Spelling might be a different story for your oldest one, your 5yo isn’t supposed to be able to read according the dutch schoolsysteem ;)


There are a lot of online practice sites for spelling, like:



At 7yo most children only spell one syllable and two syllable words. At 8 they add three syllable words.

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Thanks for the reply. The older one bombed a spelling CITO, with below-age results, while his English spelling is well above age expectations. His reading age in English is 11+ and he got average for group 3 technical reading. So there's a pretty big language-related gap that I'm looking to close.


The five-year-old is a special case, but he'll be heading to group 3, so will catch complete Dutch reading instruction and be fine. He'll still likely want to tag along with whatever the older one does and continue to disturb me with how quickly he picks up things.


I'll check out the website. Thanks! I suspect catch-up will be really quick for the older one, since he has the skills to learn and just needs to transfer the language. But I'd feel better if he were at least on target for his age in spelling by the time he started school.

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