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Lori D. - film making

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Hi Lori. :)


I noticed in the other thread that you said you created a fine arts credit for one of your sons around film making. I'm wondering how you did this, what you included, and which resources you used. I had given up hope that my oldest would do any fine arts, but he loves making his own movies, so this might be right up his alley. I'm just not sure if I should do more than to just count the hours he spends actually filming and editing on Adobe Premiere Elements.


Would you mind sharing? Thank you!

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Hi Hollyhock, happy to share. :)


Ideally, to create your own course, get a good video editing software program, get some "how to" books, and set the goal of several very short projects, each stretching your student in a different area. It's also helpful to search and see what local support, classes, or filmmaking activities are going on to connect up your student with others working in the field. We were doing this credit very early in DS's high school years (10 years ago  :eek:), and there is SOO much more out there now that you will want to check out, including online classes, summer programs/workshops, and free downloadable lesson plans -- see below for resources.


Good luck, and have fun! :) Warmest regards, Lori D.


Our home-grown course:

Attack of the Killer Video Books: Tips and Tricks for Young Directors (gr. 6-9 level)

- i-Movie manual (he had i-Movie for his editing program at that time)

- he made 6 complete short films, each using different filming techniques, special effects, editing techniques, etc.

- he put it all together on a disk with clickable links, and even designed his own production logo

- he wrote 3 short papers, one on pre-production, one on production, and one on post-production

- we watched several films and discussed the technical aspects (I come out of a film/video background)

(a few years later in high school, DS watched the Creative Live 24-hour Vince Laforet, and I retroactively added that to his credit)


More Current Resources:

HDDSLR Cinema with Vince Laforet -- $129 download, 24 hours of instruction, specifics, and seeing actual production in digital filmmaking

i-Pad Movie Making [for the classroom] Workshop: informational slide series by Jessica Pack
- Curriculum for Digital Media Creation -- FREE from Apple; 16-week movie-making course; very detailed lesson plans

iTunes: Film School Online -- list of 11 FREE courses

No Film School: Free Online Courses for Aspiring Filmmakers -- list of FREE online filmmaking courses

Filmmaker IQ: 20 Free Online College Film Courses  -- list of FREE online filmmaking courses

Production Now Blog: Free Film School Online (for beginning filmmakers, all ages)

TV, Media, & Video Production Teaching Resources -- big list of links

Filmmaking for Dummies (Stoller)

- Teach Yourself Filmmaking (Holden)


Past threads:

My DD wants to study Filmmaking

Movie making / film editing

Movie making & digital arts


Research Local Opportunities:

- dual enrollment at the local Community College in video production or filmmaking

- your local Public Access or community video production club or program for teens

- volunteer/shadow at a local TV station

- find out what film opportunities there are locally and volunteer

- your library may have someone local offering video/film classes

- summer workshop through local community college/university summer teen programs

- local high school may have a class your DS might be able to join

- after school club with local public/private/charter high school

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