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Davidson definition question

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I'm son was accepted to Davidson 2 years ago and I was just looking around their site. They say they serve pg and yet that pg is in 1 in million?!?! My son is not 1 in a million. Since we got into davidson using out of level standardized testing, I really don't know what his IQ is, but Davidson says 145 to get in so I always figured he was around there., which seemed logical. That's a far cry from 1 in a just curious who they actually intend to serve, if anyone knows.

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I haven't found much, if any, benefit. Perhaps also because my kid is not that intense so pg or not...


Anyhow I'm just trying to figure out "how unusual" he is but as I keep reading I think it's hard to say. Stage 4 gifted is listed as ~2% of the population whereas for Stage 5 I see everything from 1 in 25,000 up to 1 in a million?!?! That's quite a difference. I would guess my son is more around 99.9%ile (1 in a thousand) but I was curious what percentile Davidson is targeting.

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Modern IQ tests were designed to discriminate among average IQ students and not discrimination of those among the far right tail end. It's more accurate to say HG+ than to get into a p*ssing contest about whose child is "really PG" as many DYS parents seem to love to do :rolleyes:


Psychometricians could design an IQ test with only challenging questions that might be able to discriminate "high HG" from EG from PG but that test does not currently exist.


DYS has been helpful in providing a "sanity check" that I am not some crazy Tiger mom for using materials and outsourced classes that are at an appropriate challenge level.

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Yes their test score requirements require 99.9 percentile. You're right...I should have said anywhere from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 250,000,000 :)  So maybe that is accurate. I thought that was the IQ score min because it's hard to differentiate beyond that as a previous poster mentioned, and then they were relying on other responses to confirm higher levels of giftedness. 

DS doesn't care about academics as much as I did or his older brother (who does not qualify and seems more stereotypical pg in personality but is clearly not) so it's confusing trying to figure out what he's actually capable of / how unusual he is in reality. He's meticulous but not curious. I don't want to underestimate him because i think he underestimates himself but I also don't want to expect things he's not capable of. So I guess in my head I'll just stick with 1 in 1000 as reasonable :) 



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