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CLE LA or G+B, A+P... Help!


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I'm at a crossroads and need to order material for next year.


We have done CLE LA in the past with Apples and Pears Spelling instead. While Apples and Pears has worked well, it takes a long time, and the material in CLE language arts is almost too spiral that it drives my son and I crazy. (Already doing CLE math and probably adding CLE 4 reading this year). He loves he cursive, but the actual language arts material is too all over the place and a lot of it feels like busy work.


So I'm now pondering Climbing to Good English 3 or 4, adding in Pentime for cursive, along with Apples and Pears for spelling, and WWE 3.


And then I see the Good and the Beautiful. And the geography is perfect. Exactly what I've always wanted to do but haven't gotten to. And the language arts activities are varied and beautifully laid out. But now we're behind in spelling (only on A and P B), so should I try the regular spelling with my kid with the Apples and Pears style? And he needs a lot of handholding with writing, almost what they offer in level 2. But his reading level is through the roof (read all of the Unwanted series and the Five Kingdoms this summer) and he basically reads a book a day. Like the Hatchet yesterday.


Is the Good and Beautiful a solid education plan like CLE? If we're going nuts with CLE should we just move to CTGE instead of a whole new curriculum. Or have you used G and B and loved it too?


I'm maybe also tempted to pull out the geography from G and B and use that if not he whole curriculum. Is there another geography curriculum like that in the world? All in one is so much more tempting than piecing together so many books.


By the way, my kid just turned 9 and will be more on 3rd grade level with writing and LA this coming year.

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Download the free PDF of level 3. You get to look at the whole entire course, it's amazing as far as samples go!!


Then if you get it, buy it printed from them because the quality is so good.


No, it's not as rigorous as cle (this is not a popular opinion in g and b circles lol) but it's Lovely. Look at it!!

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I'm a CLE user, so I can't comment on your switch options. 

However, I have used Apples and Pears. I actually started with A in 4th grade, so I don't think of you as behind. But, even if you are "behind," I would stick with Apples and Pears if your kid needs that approach. I don't think trying to use the Apples and Pears system with other words would be effective based on my experience.


I never felt it took a lot of time, though we generally did 1/2 a lesson per day. I have not found anything nearly as effective to follow up. I don't at all regret finishing Apples and Pears. 

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We have used CLE LA for years with my 5th and 7th graders and it is excellent, although perhaps a bit dry. In the fall, we're switching to the G&B for language arts -- I like the variety of activities, the focus on art and geography and the emphasis on quality literature. I agree that the grammar is not as systematic or thorough as CLE but I'm willing to try the G&B knowing they already do have a great foundation thanks to CLE.


As for my 2nd grader, she is also doing the G&B but if it doesn't pan out and the grammar doesn't stick, I have plenty of time to change course. :) 

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