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Community college registration vs. 4-year registration yesterday.

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We went yesterday to finalize DD's schedule at the community college. We had an appointment, but the campus was very quiet.


They had lost her AP and ACT scores. Good thing I brought them. So we had to wait while those were approved and entered.


Then we met with the counsellor. She printed out the guaranteed admission requirements for the 4-year DD wants. We rearranged her schedule somewhat from what we thought because the counsellor had several insights that we hadn't considered. The counsellor was very aware of how the community college and 4-year requirements are different.


We went to a row of computers and entered everything. I paid, and that was that.


Meanwhile, DS had gone to the 4-year for orientation and registration at the 4-year. There were 300 people at his orientation. There was minimal air conditioning in some of the sessions, but he liked lunch :).


Even though they had admitted him under guaranteed admission, the classes he got credit for with CLEP scores weren't there. The advisor said to pursue the later.


When DS went to register, nearly all of the core-level courses he needs have waiting lists. So he went on waiting lists for three, but the system was so slow that he didn't get any more. They sent them home at 5:00pm. He came home and entered more, but it's not clear what he's actually going to be able to take in the fall. Thankfully payment isn't due until the Friday before classes start.

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Wow. Yes our local state U (not UC) is over crowded and there's a huge banner somewhere on the air advising students that it takes 5-6 years to graduate even with the most careful planning, because of how overcrowded they are.


What confuses me is, why they don't just raise their standards and admit less students. If your programs and your location are so popular, then raise your minimum SAT score, and admit

Less people!

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