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Lightening Literature grade 2 for a child that reads WAY above level?

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I have my 7 yo registered in a homeschool school that meets one day a week. They use lightening lit 2 for 2nd grade. I registered him in this class along with a robotics, science, pe, and history. My son reads well above 2nd grade. He does not however know how to spell at all but does have very good comprehension. Would this be suitable for a child that reads so far above grade level? I was just going to let him do it for the spelling and grammar but the class was canceled at the time scheduled and I would have to remove him from the robotics class if I want to put him in the earlier class. Any input on this curriculum? Do I really need to worry about grammar at 7? I think I read they do a research paper? That just seems way above him at this point. I was originally planning to just have him read daily with me and do a really good spelling program for language arts. Oh, and handwriting as well. Thoughts?



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I never found any of the packaged Literature programs to be useful for any of my kids, grade level readers or not.  But particularly for my advanced reader.  


If it were me, I'd can the LL, pick up Essentials in Writing, Grade 2, and come up with my own literature component.  I assign a specific book, that we read a chapter or two a week.  I find various discussion material on the internet, or a lit guide (these are really hit or miss...most of them are junk imo).  We discuss various literature concepts as we come across them.  


All About Spelling books 1 and 2 to for spelling for this year (book 1 will probably be easy and you'll fly through...book 2 is a bit harder but it's the base of the program, imo).  

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This is what I am leaning towards. The robotics class sounds like a ton of fun. I do like EIW so that's a good option. I was also thinking of AAS for him but I remember I stopped using it with my middle son because of the tile setup. Did you use the tiles? I'm thinking I could scrap them and just use a whiteboard. My son does not like anything to do with school, he'd rather be playing! Short and sweet is a must. Actually, now that I think about it, not sure he could sit through a lesson of EIW either. lol

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I started out using the tiles but scrapped them pretty quickly, lol.  They were more useful for AAR, but I didn't particularly care for AAR as a whole and only used the first level.  


We've used AAS through Step 6 without using the tiles and it's been fine.  Honestly, I also don't use the cards either, lol.  (But this is a thing with me...always reinventing the wheel).  


EIW lessons really are pretty short.  The work itself is a little longer, but not really at the 2nd and 3rd grade levels.  

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