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Math help--switching away from CLE to ??

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CLE is working (sort of) for my kids.  I have to switch away from it to a non-religious curriculum (charter school rule).  I printed up some Math in Focus placement tests and the kids have no idea how to do any of the mental math, haven't learned several of the things in the tests, etc.  I want to make a fairly smooth transition as with my oldest switching ended up causing gaps.  


Math U See seems hard to place kids.  I'm not understanding how it works.  Each book is only one or two topics (multiplication/divison, etc)?  I don't really want video based instruction either.


Anyways, any suggestions?  I know I need to match the kids at the level they are at.  But, I do struggle with having to move them way back (5th grader doing Math in Focus 4 or ?).  I do have Math Mammoth but in the past that hasn't worked well for them because they need more review, do better with spiral.  


I'm not really interested in Saxon.  Is Singapore preferred vs Math in Focus?  I do desire for my kids to understand math in the way that Singapore and MM teaches it, though that has been a bit of a struggle in the past.





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I don't think so but I'm planning to use a few supplements to keep skills fresh, as that is a definite concern. I'll use Evan-Moor Daily Math and Prodigy, plus throw in some Beast just for the extra challenge.


We also tried MM and the bigger issue for us was the formatting. Too cramped, too little white space.


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