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Book recommendations?

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Book recommendations for me or my 9yo dd? 


We're working with gifted/adhd/spd (although the lines blur between those three and I'm not sure what is spd and what is adhd and whether any of it is actually gifted rather than something separate, if you know what I mean).


she's starting to ask questions and verbalize her frustration with being "different" and I don't know how to help her even understand what's going on. 


I feel like there was a discussion on overexcitabilities recently but I couldn't find it to see what books were recommended.


I want to help her understand how her brain works, and to accept it instead of attempting to hide who she is from the world and end up frustrated and crying in her bed because she always messes up or doesn't know how to play "correctly" or whatever. She is even starting to not be willing to do her schoolwork because she doesn't want to "learn more" than her friends. 

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