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Ocean Grove Charter with IEP

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I'm looking into enrolling my daughter (4th grade) in Ocean Grove this fall.  She has an IEP for a reading disability but RSP clearly wasn't helping.  We spent so much time at home working on reading and playing catch up on school work that it seems to make sense just to let her work at home.  We put her into private tutoring last year (lindamood/barton) and she has made good progress.  I'd like to spend a year mainly focusing on developing her reading skills.   I've seen a few comments about this school but nothing recent.  If anyone has recent experience with this school I'd love to hear about it. Especially how they handle or help with reading disabilities.  BTW, we are in the San Jose area.




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We have IEPs in Connecting Waters not Ocean Grove. We had to get legal counsel because many charter schools don't really like working with kids with special needs to keep their test scores up. Or they feel it is not the least restrictive environment. Oh brother/ 

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