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A Couple of Unorthodox Books to Supplement our Ancient Studies Next Year

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Lately, for some unknown reason, DD has become very interested in toxicology (scary).  She keeps bringing it up when we talk about things she's interested in.  So, knowing we're revisiting Ancient History next year, I thought I would take a chance and do a search to see what was available for resources on ancient toxicology.  I figure I could add some tidbits into our studies as we read along in our history spine.


Imagine my surprise when I found the perfect resources: Toxicology in Antiquity Vols. 1 & 2.  I'm really excited about these and so is DD.


The first volume goes in-depth into the deaths of Cleopatra, Socrates, and Alexander the Great, as well as exploring the potential components of the "universal antidote" of Mithridates. It explores how lead poisoning may have contributed to the downfall of Rome and belief of the Ancient "Gates of Hell" and their relevance of CO2


The second volume explores ancient chemical and biological warfare, anthropogenic air pollution in ancient times, and toxic cosmetics, among other things.


While I was using the "Look Inside" feature, I became engrossed in reading about Cleopatra, her proficient knowledge of pharmacology & Botany, and how it is now believed that she was actually murdered by Octavian, why, and how. I knew that if I was fascinated (not having an extreme interest in the subject), that DD would be even more so.  


Anyway, if anyone else would like to include an interesting twist to their ancient history studies, these books may just do the trick. (I bought the first volume used and the second as a Kindle book due to cost. It also helped that I had a $10 rewards credit I could apply.)

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