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Apples and Pears question

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DS and I started with A&P level 1 when we restarted homeschooling.  Previously we had been doing AAS.  We did a trial of A&P first, DS liked it.  We use it with typing so DS doesn't get the writing feedback with it, but I'm okay with that.  


He still thinks it's ok but it is really hard emotionally.  His spelling is okay with it.  My biggest concern is the philosophy is way different than AAS.  I'm used to teaching him phonetic rules for reading and spelling from before, and A&P seems to just work on pattern spelling and lots of review.  


Is it a worry to use a program that isn't teaching phonetic rules?  I guess I can insert them as I go along, but I'd prefer a one-stop-shop.  DS likes this format better than AAS so I don't want to rock the boat too soon.  I am concerned it's going to rely too much on memory (and because the IQ testing didn't really test that, who knows if that's a concern? / sarcasm) for individual words vs. a global pattern.  

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