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Literature Pathway Guidance please

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DD11 is in Year 6 and I have been doing some planning and working out our pathway towards college.


The last few days I have been working through Literature courses. This is what I have come up with - please offer any guidance as this will be the first time we are going through high school (and also the last :))


Grade 7: Lightning Lit (Grade 7) + Elegant Essay

Grade 8: Lightning Lit (Grade 8) + Window to the World

Grade 9: Excellence in Lit: Introduction to Lit

Grade 10: EIL: Lit and Composition

Grade 11: EIL: Am Lit

Grade 12: EIL: British Lit


Is it possible to try and work in alternative book titles in EIL? For example I would love to include Lord of the Flies into our 4 year sequence. Is it possible to try and apply the essay type assignments to other books?


Is it also possible to try and do this pathway without any IEW courses?


DD11 is currently doing:


 - WWS Level 1;


 - We do our own writing compositions, based on our history program each year - currently this is World HIstory and she is able to write historical fiction, diary entry, persuasive essays, information reports (research), procedural texts, news reports etc. She is comfortable writing between 1200-2000 words for each. 


 - CLE Language Arts 6


 - Progeny Press Novel Studies


I would have preferred a Christian based Lit program but from the research and for what we are looking for -we are more interested in whole books, rather than selections. I am also very happy with the idea of essays being included with the Lit program. I am nervous about some of the book titles as DD11 is more sensitive and I would never have thought we would be going the ways of the classic books and Shakespeare but here we are!


Regarding college prep and usual american course progression (we live in the Cook Islands) - when does grammar finish? We do CLE LArts. My DD is mostly self paced and self learned. The depth of grammar in US is huge compared to what I learned at school. So I am pleased she is being taught something of greater depth than what is offered here or previously. 


What generally happens with geography and history progressions? How do you all avoid double ups or overload with essays in both say history and lit?


We had planned to start joining in BJU's DVD progression with history. I am not sure what essay type work is involved in these courses. We were planning on doing with BJU: G8 American Republic; G9 Cultural Geo G10 World History G11 US HIstory G12 American Govt.  


For maths we use CLE, an online program and will be adding in Chalk Dust DVD's - I am hoping we will eventually move towards the high school progression with Chalk Dust.


We were also planning on following BJU science dvds progression as well.


We will also have to add in other subjects like health, enterprise, cook islands social studies, P.E, VIsual Arts and Cook Islands Culture.  


If you have any advice and guidance I would appreciate this. 


Warm regards


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