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Puzzle Your Kids

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We've been subscribed to Puzzle Your Kids for the last year, through the original Kickstarter project. It's been great fun, and they're going to start having FREE puzzles on a weekly basis, so I thought I'd copy and paste the relevant portion of the email sent out:


- Starting in mid-April, I'm going to send one puzzle for free, every single week, to anybody who wants one. I want as many kids as possible solving puzzles, and reducing the cost to zero seems like a good way to do that.


- To get the weekly free puzzle, all I need is your name and e-mail address. In fact, you can sign up right now at puzzleyourkids.com. Tell your friends! Tell the teachers at your schools!


- You can also SUPPORT Puzzle Your Kids. This will work much like your current subscription, except that it will be charged monthly. For $5/month, you'll get an extra bonus puzzle every week, plus special supporter-only contests, plus other neat things as I think of them.

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