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Please tell me more about Earlham College?


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I am trying to help a good friend with research for her DC. She would love to know:

  • size - is it stifling to be in such a small school?
  • faculty quality
  • research opportunities

Also, how would she find out about opportunities for grad school after undergrad at Earlham? Her DC is considering an  economics/ international relations major.

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Honestly, my daughter did find it a bit stifling. After attending a large community college, she insisted on applying to all small schools. A post-acceptance visit to Earlham made her concened she'd gone too far to the opposite end of the spectrum. On the positive side, she did like the classes she sat in on, the friendliness, and a big loom room in the art department for weavers. The study abroad program is excellent for such a small school as well.


DC should definitely visit if at all possible.

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