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am I crazy to consider this???

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I have 3 kids. DD 16 (sophomore), DS 15 (freshman) and DS12 (7th grade).


DD did a geography class 2 years ago, and this year she did government with her younger brother.  We used Notgrass and we are having a hard time getting a program that was intended for 1 semester, done in a year.   My kids are more audio and visual learners than book alone. 


I started looking for a history program for the next 2 or 3 years (depending on the kid)...I wanted one with a video component (or audio). 


So I started with Great Courses.  I bought some of their History Courses, but I felt like I needed to do more than just let them watch History.  I am not very good at grading essays so having them watch and then write an essay wouldn't be a good fit for me.  So then I started looking at Biblioplan's Companion and Cool History Books thinking I could somehow pair those with the videos.


So, one thought I had was to race quickly through the 1st Bibiloplan books...my children know their Bible stories well and we have done SOTW, so the History content isn't brand new.  Plus the reading looks quite simple for the first book so I don't think it would be overwhelming. I was hoping to do only the Companion guide, the Cool History questions, and maybe the maps and if we could find a video, that would be great too.   I don't know how possible it would be to quickly go through the first book, by the end of May.  Then my 2nd child will be right on task to do a book a year...and my oldest, a girl, who loves to read and loves History, would do the remaining 3 books in 2 years. 


Am I crazy??  I have been looking at Diana Waring's audios too...they look great...but I didn't know how easy it would be to pair them up with Biblioplan as well.  Maybe those would be listened to as we travel this summer instead of trying to get the kids to take time now to listen. They love well spoken audio books and I think they would like her a lot. 


Please, shoot me down right now if I am setting myself (and my kids) for failure.   Or tell me if you know of another way of "skinning this cat". 


If I end up getting Biblioplan, my 3rd child would start his 9th grade year and do it the way it was intended. 

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