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Need writing curriculum suggestions

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We are working on the end of MCT Town level and as much as we love the methodology, it is requiring too much output at this point and I'm having to scale back in my expectations. I was thinking of taking a year off and using Treasured Conversations but when I purchased that today and looked through it, I realized it's not what I need. 


She basically needs another year of MCT Town level, but I didn't want to do the same thing twice. I suppose I could just have her write across the curriculum, but I feel like that's a bit inadequate after using MCT. 



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alright, I've been researching some more and I might just wing it - using the skills taught in paragraph town and see how it goes. She tends to advance in leaps and jumps instead of smaller steps, so at some point she may jump ahead and then be ready for the next mct book. 

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We are just now starting the writing portion of Town and I kind of expect the same issue. My plan -- as of now-- is to go very slowly and add more of my own writing assignments along the way; giving them time to absorb the info. So what I am planning is similar to what you are planning (in a different order).


I am using Killgallon Sentence Composing alongside Grammar Town and it is really helpful to reinforce (with practice) what is learned in MCT. So I am now also thinking about using Killgallon Paragraphs alongside Paragraph Town.

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