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Shabby Scholé Weekly Soirée ~Habits~ 3/12/17

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I personally need the habit of silence.  Are you aware that there are even gas pumps with screens that play commercials? How do you cultivate silence and teach your kids to love silence in the midst of all this noise? 


I saw those gas pumps recently. So strange!


There are TVs in the walkways of the mall and even TVs in some stores hanging from the ceiling. If there isn't a TV, there is always music being played -- sometimes loudly. 


At some restaurants -- TVs in all directions and some now have electronics on the table!


Video games and TVs in most waiting rooms...


Ear buds, head phones...


Silence. I wonder if there are some children who have never really known silence...



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 I don't think 100 years ago parents had that challenge, so why would I consult that generations parenting habits regarding these unique challenges? That isn't much habit building or training as much as lifestyle expectation.



This kept pushing its way into my thoughts and led me to think about why I consult books and articles written 100 years ago and why I feel so drawn to them. There are many reasons, but I'll give the most relevant to the thread. (Note: This may not be at all relevant to what Rosyl meant when she posted, but I'm glad her post led me to think about it.)


Perspective. Sometimes it's easy to get so caught up in our parenting struggles that it helps to be reminded of (or to discover) what situations perplexed, frustrated, and terrified parents of other generations. Sometimes I'm humbled and sometimes I'm amused. 


Insight. Challenges don't need to be identical to be relatable. Some remedies cross time and circumstances quite well.


Reaching back in time much further than 100 years...The Iliad has many glimpses into parenthood. There is a scene with Hector and his wife and son that brings chills. The Iliad is well worth consulting when dealing with the challenges of parenting for insight and perspective both. 


Does reading old or ancient texts of any sort typically result in a step-by-step plan for modern parenting success? No, but thankfully we have a steady supply of modern parenting books in print and on-line. There are certainly times when step-by-step suggestions on modern struggles is precisely what is needed. There are other times, however, when I need to get out of the situation entirely. I need perspective. I need insight from someone older and wiser whose voice can still be heard all these centuries later...


One more thought...lifestyle expectation...


Older books give us a glimpse into forgotten lifestyles. "Breaking" a habit is sometimes not necessary when something else more attractive offers itself as an alternative. Reading old books with their antiquated routines and daily rhythms can show us a way of living we weren't aware of, one that certainly isn't being modeled by the modern masses. 


In a way, I'm mining for gems. Sometimes it just takes one flash of insight from any time period to make a real, measurable change in my life and the life of my teen today. And sometimes the changes I make today will last well into the future. 

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