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BYL grade 9 or Bookshark 100

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For DD15 (dyslexic, adhd, auditory processing difficulties)


I'm having a really, really hard time deciding between the two. I love that BYL includes science that she finds interesting, but I can always add in science to Bookshark 100 -- but the idea of having it all laid out for me is appealing.


ETA: Having her do American history with a heavier textbook isn't really an option. One of the appealing things about Bookshark's choices is that it's actually doable for her.

But she loves prehistory and geology is interesting to her, so...


Although everyone seems to love BYL's younger levels, I've seen mixed receives on their 9th grade. 

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I can only speak to the Hakim books- we used those for part of our US History last spring. My concern is they might be a bit "busy" for your dd. They're enjoyable- it's not that they're heavy. But there is a lot of text and insets. Some of the books are worse than others. At least in the editions we used. They're cheap though,  so you might consider ordering (or checking out from the library) one volume and taking a look at it to see if it would be too distracting. Besides that, we thought they were great and paired nicely with the Great Courses we used. 

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