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Can you explain BiblioPlan to me?

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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to plan history for next year for my (up-and-coming) 4th and 5th-grade children.   (We will be studying Early Modern with a focus on American History.)   


My wish list:

1)  Spine:   I would really like to read the first 5 books of "A History of Us" by Hakim as a family each morning.


2)  Independent Reading:   I would love to include some independent literature/history reading each day to flesh out our studies.  (I was planning on scheduling Sonlight Core D read alouds as audiobooks and Sonlight Core D advanced readers as independent reads.)   


3)  Comprehension Question for readers:  I would love a few comprehension questions for the read alouds and readers.   I was planning on just having the kids give me an oral narration from these books each day.   However, I would love a few questions that I could just glance at to check if their narration was on target.   (My 4th grader still struggles with comprehension sometimes when reading silently.)   I know I *could* just buy the Sonlight IG and get all of these questions...but I'm not sure if it is worth the $119.  I also know I *could* pre-read all of the books and come up with my own questions...but I'm worried I won't have the time.  (I am in 3 book clubs per month on my own reading time...can I really squeeze in all of these other books this summer? No. hahahaha)  


4)  Mapping/Timeline Assignments:   I would love some mapping and timeline assignments that correspond to "A History of US" or their readers.




SO--a friend of mine suggested I check out BiblioPlan Year 3.   I've been looking at samples online and have to admit, it looks REALLY ovewhelming.


Some questions I had are...

1)  Do I have to read/buy their companion?   Will the program still work if I skipped that on the schedule each week?

I guess if I am reading "A History of US", I am wondering why I would want to schedule the time to read another history spine.   Plus, the companion doesn't look as good as "A History of US"...to me anyways.


2)  Are the readers REALLY as good as Sonlight?   I am a bit of a book snob.   I have trouble trusting other companies book recommendations.   :)


3)  Are there comprehension questions for any of the readers?  Or just questions from their companion book?  


4)  Would the timeline figures and mapping work with "A History of US"...or is it just aligned with their companion book?


5)  Is "A History of US" scheduled in order or do they jump around the book?

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