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High School Geometry

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Please give me some options here.


My daughter is not a STEM student...college bound but not in the sciences or math.


She took algebra using the program Math Relief Algebra, which I feel is a great program, complete with plenty of practice.


So, naturally, I assumed the Math relief Geometry would be a complete....well, after buying it and having my daughter nearly complete it by Christmas, I felt differently.  Many days there are no more than 4-6 problems to solve per lesson...and it just doesn't seem to be at the same level of difficulty as the Algebra did.


So, now I am trying to decide what to do about it.  Do I assume that she has done enough...do I look for something else to add?  I looked at Key to geometry...but that didn't seem right....I noticed that great courses has a DVD series...but I am just not sure.


Please, tell me some options that I might have?


She is a sophomore this year....and next year I had hoped to move on to Algebra 2....that is all she needs for college entrance to the college of her choice.  


I am open to all ideas you might have.


Also, since I have 2 more kids following (one just a year behind), I need to find a different program for geometry (DVD based preferably, but reasonably priced), so ideas for that too are appreciated.





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Assuming you can teach it, you might look at the geometry chapters of MEP math levels 8-10 for your daughter. It is free and downloadable. It is easy to pick and choose which chapters you need to cover.


As far as a program for your next kids, you might look at Derek Owens. It is online video based.

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