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Potter's School (TPS) Teachers - Switching Teachers Question

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My DS will be taking English 2 next year with TPS.  For the past two years, he has had Mrs. Frederick.  We really like her!  However, since he's had her for two years now, I'm wondering if there would be benefit from switching teachers, maybe a different way of presenting material, a different grading philosophy, etc.  I'm just thinking there might be something to gain, but I can see some negatives as well.  My DS has ADD and change can throw him off.  However, if I prepare him, he's usually ok.  Does anyone have any thoughts or practical experience with this?


Also, has anyone had Diana Thomas with TPS for English?  She's the one I'd probably go with if I didn't use Mrs. Frederick again.


I'd love any and all perspectives. 


Thank you so much!



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