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We began our hs using CM methods: so, not much writing, since the kids were very young when we began. For the past 2 years, we've used Brave Writer. Love BW and what it stands for. BUT. 


I'm starting to plan for next year, and my DD will be in 5th grade and my DS in 3rd. I'm starting to wonder if we should give WWE a try to solidify writing. BW is wonderful, and I do like the literature choices and some of the writing projects, but my concern is that it can be a bit scattered and random, and the kids aren't picking up on writing mechanics, putting grammar in to practice, and growing in ability to do longer dictations.

Would love some feedback on beginning WWE at this stage in the game, the "lightness" or not of BW, and any other thoughts you might have. FWIW, we do use FFL, and the kids are doing well with that.



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