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Switching from Signapore to MIF


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I went with Signapore over Math in Focus mainly because getting the HIG was cheaper then the teacher's manual. I am considering switch once we finish 3A based on the description of just using it with the textbook and workbook. My HiG took a while to come in so I had to start without it and now I glance at it but I just typically bust out manipulatives for things that need it and show it and then see if he can do them without them. It did come in handy to see some explanations for how they explained money but I think I would be fine to use just the textbook and workbook for MIF.


So my questions are would it work to go from 3A in Signapore to 3B in Math in Focus. Is there more problems in Math in Focus in the textbook and workbook? It sounded like Signapore was thinner and had less which is another reason I would maybe hesitate.

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