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Looking for an AP exam site in the NY area

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I am an international/non-traditional self-studied student, and am currently trying to find a school where I could take my AP exams, as I'm going to be in the US/New York in May. The list provided by the College Board brought me no luck thus far, and none of the HS I conntacted are able to help me out.


So I figured maybe someone here might have any idea which schools in that area (would drive for a bit as well) are welcoming to outside students.


I want to take exams in Biology, Chem, Calc BC, and maybe Comp Science A (but that's esp difficult to get I guess).


(I kind of don't understand why testing isn't standardized the same as with the SAT/ACT or other exams - registering for them was so simple).  :mellow:


Thanks for any ideas/help! 

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Try looking at private schools that call themselves international schools. I don't know if by NY you mean NYC, but I imagine there would be plenty of them in or near NYC. I think they would be the most likely to be receptive.


Good luck! I agree with you that it is unnecessarily difficult to sign up for an AP exam.

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