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Trying to find book I think by Wodehouse


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Hi all,


Years ago I read a book that I think was by Wodehouse but it wasn't Jeeves, or Blandings or any series.  I think the main character might have been named Archie, but not sure.


Anyway, the gist of the plot was that the main character had fought in WWI and had married an American girl after a brief fling and moved to NY.  Her father is a wealthy hotel owner who does not like him and he tries again and again to impress his father in law in many hysterically funny and complicated ways that go awry.  But finally the father comes around.  Initially in the book the main character comes off as a nice dimwit except as the book goes on you begin to see his many heroic characteristics that aren't at first apparent.  


I remember this as being one of my favorite Wodehouses ever, but now I can not find it, so maybe It wasn't Wodehouse.  


Can anybody help?  Thanks!

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