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could you help me find a thread?

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Hi. I usually lurk, but I've found these forums really helpful for answering some gifted/education/homeschool questions. I recently ran across a thread wherein someone recounted an example story of what public school in an undifferentiated classroom was like for a gifted student, and now I can't find it for the life of me.



The gist was about frustrating it was to "already know everything" because of the student's ease of picking things up, and why were Kim and Rachel (I believe those were the names) pretending to be learning, why were they faking asking all these questions... and then suddenly realising not everyone worked the same way as the poster. It was a fantastic summary of the process and I'd like to save it to refer to...



Any ideas? I've searched the forums both through its function and Google but to no avail. Thanks!

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