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Need help planning Language Arts curriculum for 6t/7th grade


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Hi, I'd like to help planning Language Arts curriculum for 6th/7th grade for a child who is very strong in math, enjoys reading but weaker in writing. I'm looking for ideas for following topics:


1) writing --- He has finished all the WWE, tried WWS and I found it a little tedious and that it required a lot of my time to edit his work together in order to really teach all the aspects of writing, elaborating, describing. As a writer, he is very straight to the point and not much elaboration or explanation. Still trying to learn evidence-based essays..... I'm quite lost with where to go on this whole writing piece, any recommendations on actual curriculum or daily work suggestions would be so appreciated.


2) Vocabulary - I'm not looking for Greek & Latin root type materials; I'm looking for vocabulary materials outside of roots that will help raise the level of reading and writing and general word choice.


3) Grammar - don't need grammar. He is very solid there.


4) Anything else I should cover?


Thank you so much for your help and suggestions.

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