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Smartick math app anyone?


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I heard about this on the Homeschool Sisters Podcast.




Well I naively got the app and my DS 6 is hooked.  You basically earn points to enter into a world and buy things.  (Outfits for your avatar, pets, etc.)


Our trial is over and he wants to continue, but it's kind of expensive. I'm just wondering if anyone else has kids who enjoy this and if you've found the subscription worth it.

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I have. For several months, now. I just love to see my daughter, 8 years old, so engaged and confident with Math. And her brother, 10 years old, doing great, loving Math. I thought it was expensive also but then I realized that is much cheaper than Kumon and its problems get into Logic, problem solving, etc. I have to say that being from Spain I could read something about them because, as I told you, I also found that it was kind of expensive at the beginning. So I could read that the European Comission has chosen them to research about on line Education and also learnt that Barbara Oackley, the author of Coursera Learning how to Learn, is a great fan of Smartick. 

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