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Cyberbullying - Show some love for a college freshman on Valentine's day

CindyH in NC

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My daughter's roommate at college is a terrific young lady.  They have become fast friends, and I am so glad they have each other at college.


Her roommate is a talented, crafty, well-spoken young woman.  She is fun and bubbly and tries to spread happiness which I appreciate.  She attempted to find collaborators for her blog and put up some flyers at school to see if some other students wanted to share ideas, etc.  After that she has been inundated with hateful, mean, and even threatening Anonymous posts in her comments section.  She has removed some of the most offensive.  Cyberbullying has happened to her in the past - I suppose some of that is expected online, but that doesn’t make it alright and she is really hurting right now.


My daughter is worried about her roomie and really just wants her to feel some love.  You know how it is for freshman away at school.  My dd asked if I might post this to the hive to see if others might share the blog with their high schoolers or college students.  Parents are welcome, too. 

There is some (mostly mild) bad language, talk of mental health issues, and references to friends and co-writers who are LGBT, so if any of that is offensive or triggering you or your teen/young adult might want to skip it. 


This is a link to a recent post to high school seniors.  It is a thoughtful, sweet message.  There are also craft ideas, recipes, reviews, etc. on her blog.  A few positive messages - even anonymous - would really brighten this young lady's day.  Thanks for taking time to read and consider this favor. 





PS I'm going to cross post this on the High School and College board for now.  I'm not as comfortable putting this on the Chat board.  Thanks.



PPS We know a family who lost a son last year to suicide while away at college his freshman year.  Part of the reason was horrible online bullying that his best friends and family didn't even know about until it was too late.  So heartbreaking.

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Comment left :) So sweet of you and your dd to do this for her roomie. My heart goes out to her.


Thank you so very much!!!!


Young adults today have a wealth of technology and opportunities at their finger tips, but unfortunately some people - not just young adults - like to hate on others anonymously. 

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